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Tweet of the Day 7/9/11


New thing here at two idiots is the tweet of the day, basically I find a tweet I deem informative, something that brings me happiness, or something that is just damn funny. If you have an idea for the Tweet of the Day just send me a link to it and I’ll consider.

@LoganCouture :  Haha just heard this, I can’t take credit for it. @JoeyBats19 is so good he will be intentionally walked at the Home Run Derby

Need the readers’ help for some better ones.


Secret Millionaire: The Irony and The Inspiration


As I watched the series premiere of Secret Millionaire, I not only shed my amount of tears, but I also got this very sick feeling in my stomach. Now, I can pretty much assume what your thinking: “You have no soul and didn’t feel any remorse for the families and groups who were impacted from this.” First off, NO! I thought that it was a beautiful thing to witness. To see someone who has it all give away so much (yes, 20 grand is a lot folks!) to people that don’t ask for it is not only eye opening but extremely inspiring.

The moment on this show that truly hit me was her quote, “We idolize millionaires, we idolize movie-stars. We are idolizing the wrong people.” Those words are true to the core. The ones that contribute to their communities are called “Samaritans” last time I checked. I just watched an hour long show filled with Samaritians. This is truly one of the few shows out there that will leave a everlasting impact on our souls.

Now, if you excuse me, a show about a bunch of narcassisstic whores who are greedy, egotistical, and just downright full of themselves is on and I can’t wait to see them kill themselves on national television. Or maybe I should watch that fictional crime show that has hold of thirty or so cities. How about I just watch Lions eating Christians (Those Christians, always doing over the top stuff for twenty bucks). And inbetween that I will watch naked women make out with each other in order to sell beer; not to mention the ones where men will kick others in the crotch in order to sell peanuts.

I For One Welcome Our New Computer Overlords!


It seems that with the abundant amount of technology today, we are becoming more and more lazy than the generation before us (not to mention, we are all becoming more and more delusional about this fantasy called multitasking.) But thinking about the travesty and triumph called technology reminds me of a tale that has been occurring ever since my family got our first computer.

My parents are baby boomers, and being a Millenial who can barely tolerate the old and simple lifestyle that boomers were taught and raised with, there are a lot of comedic moments. My parents have no idea on how to use the family computer. Now, I know what your thinking: NO, they didn’t put white out on the screen. NO, they didn’t mistake Java for porn software. NO, they don’t “accidentally” type when they want to go to craigslist or YouTube. Instead, the computer crashes on them whenever they are on.

Apparently, somebody must’ve installed some artificial intelligence and whenever my parents (mainly my mother) gets on to check their e-mail or Facebook account, the computer turns off.

Shuts Down.

Goes Dark.

Do I really need another way to describe it?

It is either that or they press the sleep button every time they type.

Over the past couple of years, I have heard constant complaints from them about this computer being “too slow” or “doesn’t work half the time”. Well, let me get my rebuttal ready. Kay, here we go.

First off, the computer we use is old! Obsolete! Cave-man material. Anything that works better as a coaster for your drinks than when attempting to download a website the length of the Great Wall of China in a microsecond can cause a computer this old to crash.

Secondly, the internet service we have sucks. Go over the limit by two kilobytes and the internet service shuts down for sixty seconds (I know, it’s torture!) 

Lastly, didn’t I already mention that whenever Millenials and Boomers are in the same house, comedic moments occur? I believe I did.

So, if I was to provide a solution; I would say to just get a new computer. But, the worst thing about Boomers is that if it works, why throw it away?!


Joel’s Pregame Speech

In honor of my EASHL team playing in the playoffs tonight I thought I’d post the pre-game speech my buddy Joel posted.
“Alright boys…We are drawing nearer to game time. Forget about jerseys and banners and who the 6th man is going to be next week…Focus on fighting…Focus on giving it everything we’ve got…Focus on never giving up…We have the opportunity tonight to prove to those other pitiful clubs out there that we are the best of the best in this league. We prove it every single night our men take to the ice. We out shoot our opponents…We outplay them…We outsmart them…When we take the ice, you know damn fucking well that the Jabronis are not going down without a fight. Believe me my teammates when I say that I don’t think we are going to win the playoffs…I know we ARE. We are going to strap on our blades pick up our axes and we are going to grind and push our way forward. There is not a single thing that can stand between the determination of the Jabronis and our ultimate goal. Nothing is going to keep us down. We are here to win…We are here to play…We are here to crush, fight, dominate and score the only way we know how…The Jabroni hockey way for that is the only way in which we know the game of hockey…. Focus on teamwork…Focus on intelligence…My friends…Focus on Winning…And Winning that Banner…We shall.”


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