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Ceasar’s Forum Cancelled

Well I’ve decided to retire Ceasar’s Forum. No one was reading it, I wasn’t keeping up with it, and the basketball end never caught up. To read my current dynasty on Operation sports click here.


Ceasar’s Forum “Christ Saves Some, Rinne Saves All”

Ok, its been awhile since I updated the hockey end of the Ceasar’s Forum. So I thought I’d give an update of the Pekka Rinne for Ondrej Pavelec trade.

Las Vegas Tribune

The Bandits newest addition, goalie Pekka Rinne, has been stellar since his trade from Nashville. His amazing play has only allowed 2 goals in the 3 games he has played for the Bandits. This stonewall play has given the the Bandit’s offense more confidence to take more high risk plays while rushing the puck up the ice. After this trade was criticized by many Bandits’ fans, I think Peks was the best pickup possible for this young team.

Ceasar’s Forum “Big Trade”

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Bandito’s Posse

First Big Trade

Today it was announced that the Nashville Predators had acquired forward prospect Patrice Cormier and goaltender Ondrej Pavelec from our Las Vegas Bandits. In exchange for these players we will receive vetran(COUGH..OLD) defenseman Francis Boulion and goaltender Pekka Rinne.

My Take

I am not sure if this trade helped the Bandits any. What did we gain? Sure Pavy wasn’t always the most clutch goalie, but can Rinne be any better? Francis Boulion won’t make the top 6 d-men, and Patrice Cormier is one of our better prospects(not that we could get any younger). We are just going to have to see if Rinne was worth Pavy.

Ceasar’s Forum “Bandits Update”

Here is the schedule of played games.


@ TB L 4-1

@ LA W 7-4

@ ANA L 1-0

@ SJ L 5-2

V BUF L 3-2

V TB W 3-2

@ WSH W 5-2

@ NYR L 4-3

V    L 6-3

@ STL W 4-0

Roster Moves

Called Up: W Akim Aliu, C Riley Holzapfel

Sent Down: C Tim Stapleton, C Anthony Stowart, W Spencer Macacek

@ FLA L 5-3

V CLB L 4-2

We are 4-8-1 in 13 games played giving us 9pts

Ceasar’s Forum “Bandits First Road Trip”

Bandits Only Gain 2pts in the First Road Trip of the Season

In the first game of the early road trip the Bolts dominated Vegas in a 4-1 rout that saw the Bandits commit six minors in the game. Steven Stamkos put up two goals and Simon Gagne had three points in an average showing by goalie Chris Mason who only made 25 saves on the 29 shots against this heavily offensive team. In the start of the California tour el Banditos picked up their only two points of the trip in a 7-4 explosion against the Kings. A hard fought game in Anaheim stifled the Vegas offense as they were not able to put a single point on the board in a 1-0 loss. San Jose found weakness in Ondrej Pavelich in a 5-2 demolition of the Bandits. The Bandits stand at 1-3-1 on the season with 3pts in the 5 games played and 18 goals against.

Ceasar’s Forum: Sting on seven game winning streak, no thanks to Stevens!


The Las Vegas Sting, who last year were the New Orleans Hornets, have won seven straight in their first ten games. The season started off slow for the Sting as they were adjusting to new coach Brad Stevens’ style, which wasn’t working very well, bringing beatings from Milwakee and Denver. It also led to star point guard Chris Paul getting hurt with an abdominable strain. This made the owners furious, and Brad Stevens packed his bags after winning two of five games. The Sting’s new coach, Payne, started off strong and with helping the team go into a five game winning streak under the new coach’s wing. These wins included Milwakee, Dallas, and a thriller against Miami.

And with Chris Paul out, several new stars have taken his place. Point Gaurds Jarret Jack and Ricky Rubio have notably added fuel and motivation to the Sting, not to mention six out of the fifteen players averaged ten or more points in the last two games. And with the addition of Chris Douglas-Roberts, the Sting have produced a better defense to go with their stellar offense.

This can only be the beginning for the Sting. Let’s hope that this is going to be a positive one.

Ceasar’s Forum “Season Opener:Bandits”

Bandits Cough Up Points in Season Opener 

Washington Capitols vs Las Vegas Bandits
Oct 8, 2010 1 2 3 OT F
WAS (1-0-0) 0 2 1 1 4
LV (0-0-1) 1 1 1 0 3
Three Stars
Alexander Ovechkin, LW
Michael Nylander, C
2 A
Nichlas Bergfors, LW
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal 30 33
Hits 19 10
Faceoffs Won-Lost 14-24 24-14
Penalty Minutes 4:00 6:00
Power Plays Converted 2 0
Power Play Opportunities 2 2
Time on Attack 6:07 7:51

Ceasar’s Forum “Veteran Pick-Up”

The Las Vegas Bandits have signed Paul Kariya. Kariya, who missed parts of the last two seasons due to complications related to concussions, is looking to strengthen the young offensive core of this Bandit’s team. “I really hope my experience will help these young players develop. (…) I really look forward to playing with Evander Kane, he reminds me of myself at a younger age.” New general manager Scott Neidermayer said,”We really needed a second line winger and we think his experience will help our younger players develop.(…) Obviously with his history of injuries we will use him cautiously. If we see him in any pain, we will not let him be a hero. I expect him to play 70 games this season, if he feels up to it he may play 80, but I am not going to push him to play any more than he feels absolutely comfortable playing.” Kariya has played 15 seasons with 989 games played, scoring 402 goals and assisting on 587 goals for a total of 989 points. He has played for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, and St. Louis Blues.

Ceasar’s Forum “Sting”

Ok, now for the introduction of the NBA team.

The newest tenants to the Ceasar’s Forum now have a name. The NBA’s Las Vegas Sting have unveiled their new logos and uniforms. “We wanted to have our own style while keeping the Hornet’s tradition,” said lead designer Lou Sanchez. The logo has a new modern looking hornet in the classic blue and gold of the Hornets. To celebrate this unveiling the Forum was in game day shape with the new floor down and the east side of the arena’s seats in the Sting’s colors and the west side in the Bandits’ colors.  Individual game tickets started selling today to mark the new era of Vegas professional sports.

Ceasar’s Forum “ATH: Buy or Sell Rubio”

Trying to get more media sources than just the newspaper reports. We need opinions and what better way to get opinions than to use the ESPN show “Around the Horn” where four sports writers argue their opinions and earn points (which is the “ding”) to have 30 seconds of solo facetime. So here is the first attempt at Around the Horn in the Ceasar’s Forum universe.

Narrator: Buy or Sell?

Tony Reali: Ok, today the Las Vegas … we’ll call ’em the Hornets signed Spanish star Ricky Rubio from FC Barcelona. Buy or sell that he is the x-factor the Hornets need.

J.A. Adande: Tony, I’m gonna have to sell this. We all saw what happened in 2009 when he refused to play with Minnesota. (DING) I believe there is no way he has a positive influence on the locker room.

Tim Cowlishaw: I’m also gonna sell this. He has never played against a real NBA team. (DING) I think that the Spanish League sheltered him. (DING)

Reali: Woody Paige, buy or sell?

Woody Paige: What are you guys smoking? Cause I want some! I’m buying this. The kid is the next “Pistol” Pete Maravich. Look at the picture! If he grows a 70s stache he will be Maravich. Oh yeah, and Cowlishaw did you forget about those FIBA Championships and the Olympics? (DING)

Cowlishaw: As much as the players love the country a gold medal isn’t the same as a championship ring.