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Ceasar’s Forum “Bandits First Road Trip”

Bandits Only Gain 2pts in the First Road Trip of the Season

In the first game of the early road trip the Bolts dominated Vegas in a 4-1 rout that saw the Bandits commit six minors in the game. Steven Stamkos put up two goals and Simon Gagne had three points in an average showing by goalie Chris Mason who only made 25 saves on the 29 shots against this heavily offensive team. In the start of the California tour el Banditos picked up their only two points of the trip in a 7-4 explosion against the Kings. A hard fought game in Anaheim stifled the Vegas offense as they were not able to put a single point on the board in a 1-0 loss. San Jose found weakness in Ondrej Pavelich in a 5-2 demolition of the Bandits. The Bandits stand at 1-3-1 on the season with 3pts in the 5 games played and 18 goals against.


The Lucky Life of the Predators


So if you look at the Nashville Predators’ schedule you will see that the Preds have won 4 straight games. This all started with a hard fought overtime win on St. Patrick’s Day over the Boston Bruins, but then efforts started to slide. In a 3-1 win over Detroit they leaned on the play of two rookies to get the scoring and the stellar play of Pekka Rinne to keep the points coming. Sunday’s game against Buffalo Anders Lindback allowed two soft goals while the Preds looked dead for 50 minutes, relying on Geoffrion, hat trick to him by the way, to get the scoring done again. In Buffalo there was no intensity to be seen from the Predators until everyone thought the game was over with Nashville down 3-1 with 4 minutes remaining. Last night against Edmonton started off well but lacked any sense of desperation for the final 45 minutes of the game. The Predators play Anaheim tommorow and if they bring the same effort relying on 15 minutes of good hockey then, I’ll tell you they are not getting to 5 in a row.