my distaste of the ‘nucks and LUUU


Let me start to off by saying as being a goalie myself I never root for a goalie to get yanked from a game. I know how stuff goes on and sometimes you just can’t get in front of the puck to save your life. (btw…Yes thats me in net from 4 years ago…..I’m better now just fyi)

But that being said I seriously don’t like the Canucks and Luongo. Yes most of it is probably jealously, but his team and his style of play just irks me. He plays on a team of divers (just ask Stephane Auger). The Canucks are a talented team and they don’t need to resort to that kind of play. They won the President’s Trophy for god’s sake. I think that alot of this loathing has to do with them beating my Preds and them playing against my boy TIMMAH! Luongo is a stiff fundamental butterfly goalie. He has no personalty in net and just isn’t relatable to me, while his counterpart has the aggressiveness of Ron Hextall and stats that won’t be matched for a few years. He didn’t take the traditional route to the show… he played in Sweden earning his way on to the Boston Bruins. His style of play being aggressive and out of the paint is the style I’ve tried to emulate my entire time playing.  Good luck to both teams tonight, let’s hope Luongo isn’t yanked tonight.


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