2011 Playoff Predictions (First Round)

Eastern Conference
1 Washington
8 New York R
Washington in 5, While NYR limped into the playoffs and Washington has been red hot since their skid before the Winter Classic

2 Philadelphia
7 Buffalo
Buffalo in 7, once again this is a case of a team entering the playoffs hot compared to another that fell off near the end of the season

3 Boston
6 Montreal
Montreal in 6, Bell Centre is gonna be loud for this series. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there is gonna be atleast one “fight night”

4 Pittsburgh
5 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay in 7, the Bolts have a lot of offensive firepower and I’m not sure Jordan Staal can carry the Pens

Western Conference
1 Vancouver
8 Chicago
Vancouver in 5, Vancouver won the President’s trophy for a reason

2 San Jose
7 Los Angeles
San Jose in 6, Antti Niemi started out slow but has been unsolvable and Los Angeles has been leaning on shootouts which don’t exist in the playoffs

3 Detroit
6 Phoenix
Detroit in 7, in a rematch of last year’s playoff series Detroit’s goaltending is in question, if it wasn’t I’d pick Detroit in a shorter series

4 Anaheim
5 Nashville
Nashville in 6, in the four games played Nashville handled the Ducks in three of the games, while Anaheim’s only win came with two seconds left on the clock


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