Ceasar’s Forum: Sting on seven game winning streak, no thanks to Stevens!


The Las Vegas Sting, who last year were the New Orleans Hornets, have won seven straight in their first ten games. The season started off slow for the Sting as they were adjusting to new coach Brad Stevens’ style, which wasn’t working very well, bringing beatings from Milwakee and Denver. It also led to star point guard Chris Paul getting hurt with an abdominable strain. This made the owners furious, and Brad Stevens packed his bags after winning two of five games. The Sting’s new coach, Payne, started off strong and with helping the team go into a five game winning streak under the new coach’s wing. These wins included Milwakee, Dallas, and a thriller against Miami.

And with Chris Paul out, several new stars have taken his place. Point Gaurds Jarret Jack and Ricky Rubio have notably added fuel and motivation to the Sting, not to mention six out of the fifteen players averaged ten or more points in the last two games. And with the addition of Chris Douglas-Roberts, the Sting have produced a better defense to go with their stellar offense.

This can only be the beginning for the Sting. Let’s hope that this is going to be a positive one.


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