Ceasar’s Forum “ATH: Buy or Sell Rubio”

Trying to get more media sources than just the newspaper reports. We need opinions and what better way to get opinions than to use the ESPN show “Around the Horn” where four sports writers argue their opinions and earn points (which is the “ding”) to have 30 seconds of solo facetime. So here is the first attempt at Around the Horn in the Ceasar’s Forum universe.

Narrator: Buy or Sell?

Tony Reali: Ok, today the Las Vegas … we’ll call ’em the Hornets signed Spanish star Ricky Rubio from FC Barcelona. Buy or sell that he is the x-factor the Hornets need.

J.A. Adande: Tony, I’m gonna have to sell this. We all saw what happened in 2009 when he refused to play with Minnesota. (DING) I believe there is no way he has a positive influence on the locker room.

Tim Cowlishaw: I’m also gonna sell this. He has never played against a real NBA team. (DING) I think that the Spanish League sheltered him. (DING)

Reali: Woody Paige, buy or sell?

Woody Paige: What are you guys smoking? Cause I want some! I’m buying this. The kid is the next “Pistol” Pete Maravich. Look at the picture! If he grows a 70s stache he will be Maravich. Oh yeah, and Cowlishaw did you forget about those FIBA Championships and the Olympics? (DING)

Cowlishaw: As much as the players love the country a gold medal isn’t the same as a championship ring.


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