a new project. “ceasar’s forum”


I’ve been looking at OperationSports for a while and I’ve been looking at the dynasties posted there. Me and Sean decided we’d do two in one. He will play NBA 2k11 and I will play NHL 11. More info will be released lated later, but I think we will start with this.

Las Vegas Tribune
 After years of planning the new Ceasar’s Forum sporting venue, the building is officially up. In celebration of this new 19,000 seat arena a schedule of events will be unveiled later today, but an insider who has been reporting on this project over the past few months has been cleared to announce a few things on that are on the schedule.
 As earlier reported, Manny Pacquio will fight against a kangaroo with boxing gloves in May, but something not earlier reported is the addition of two new professional sports teams to enter the Sin City. The first of these two teams is the National Hockey League’s Atlanta Thrashers, who have been in financial
trouble since their inception in 2000 and have been looking for a new location to play for a couple of years. Secondly, the National Basketball Association’s New Orleans Hornets have cleared to move by commisioner David Stern, but there has been no official report that they will call Las Vegas their home. New Orleans’ owner George Shinn has been seen in Las Vegas for the past couple of weeks with Ceasar’s owners at the Ceasar’s
 The Las Vegas Tribune is holding contests to name the two teams and to design the new logos. The grand prize will be a glass seat and possibly a courtside seat to see the new teams in their inaugural season openers.  Send all entries to editor Nan E. McPhee at editormcphee@lvtribune.com.
Beat Writer, Donald Busey

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