Joel’s Pregame Speech

In honor of my EASHL team playing in the playoffs tonight I thought I’d post the pre-game speech my buddy Joel posted.
“Alright boys…We are drawing nearer to game time. Forget about jerseys and banners and who the 6th man is going to be next week…Focus on fighting…Focus on giving it everything we’ve got…Focus on never giving up…We have the opportunity tonight to prove to those other pitiful clubs out there that we are the best of the best in this league. We prove it every single night our men take to the ice. We out shoot our opponents…We outplay them…We outsmart them…When we take the ice, you know damn fucking well that the Jabronis are not going down without a fight. Believe me my teammates when I say that I don’t think we are going to win the playoffs…I know we ARE. We are going to strap on our blades pick up our axes and we are going to grind and push our way forward. There is not a single thing that can stand between the determination of the Jabronis and our ultimate goal. Nothing is going to keep us down. We are here to win…We are here to play…We are here to crush, fight, dominate and score the only way we know how…The Jabroni hockey way for that is the only way in which we know the game of hockey…. Focus on teamwork…Focus on intelligence…My friends…Focus on Winning…And Winning that Banner…We shall.”

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