Tweet of the Day 7/9/11


New thing here at two idiots is the tweet of the day, basically I find a tweet I deem informative, something that brings me happiness, or something that is just damn funny. If you have an idea for the Tweet of the Day just send me a link to it and I’ll consider.

@LoganCouture :  Haha just heard this, I can’t take credit for it. @JoeyBats19 is so good he will be intentionally walked at the Home Run Derby

Need the readers’ help for some better ones.


my distaste of the ‘nucks and LUUU


Let me start to off by saying as being a goalie myself I never root for a goalie to get yanked from a game. I know how stuff goes on and sometimes you just can’t get in front of the puck to save your life. (btw…Yes thats me in net from 4 years ago…..I’m better now just fyi)

But that being said I seriously don’t like the Canucks and Luongo. Yes most of it is probably jealously, but his team and his style of play just irks me. He plays on a team of divers (just ask Stephane Auger). The Canucks are a talented team and they don’t need to resort to that kind of play. They won the President’s Trophy for god’s sake. I think that alot of this loathing has to do with them beating my Preds and them playing against my boy TIMMAH! Luongo is a stiff fundamental butterfly goalie. He has no personalty in net and just isn’t relatable to me, while his counterpart has the aggressiveness of Ron Hextall and stats that won’t be matched for a few years. He didn’t take the traditional route to the show… he played in Sweden earning his way on to the Boston Bruins. His style of play being aggressive and out of the paint is the style I’ve tried to emulate my entire time playing.  Good luck to both teams tonight, let’s hope Luongo isn’t yanked tonight.

Ceasar’s Forum Cancelled

Well I’ve decided to retire Ceasar’s Forum. No one was reading it, I wasn’t keeping up with it, and the basketball end never caught up. To read my current dynasty on Operation sports click here.

Ceasar’s Forum “Christ Saves Some, Rinne Saves All”

Ok, its been awhile since I updated the hockey end of the Ceasar’s Forum. So I thought I’d give an update of the Pekka Rinne for Ondrej Pavelec trade.

Las Vegas Tribune

The Bandits newest addition, goalie Pekka Rinne, has been stellar since his trade from Nashville. His amazing play has only allowed 2 goals in the 3 games he has played for the Bandits. This stonewall play has given the the Bandit’s offense more confidence to take more high risk plays while rushing the puck up the ice. After this trade was criticized by many Bandits’ fans, I think Peks was the best pickup possible for this young team.

2011 Playoff Predictions (First Round)

Eastern Conference
1 Washington
8 New York R
Washington in 5, While NYR limped into the playoffs and Washington has been red hot since their skid before the Winter Classic

2 Philadelphia
7 Buffalo
Buffalo in 7, once again this is a case of a team entering the playoffs hot compared to another that fell off near the end of the season

3 Boston
6 Montreal
Montreal in 6, Bell Centre is gonna be loud for this series. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there is gonna be atleast one “fight night”

4 Pittsburgh
5 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay in 7, the Bolts have a lot of offensive firepower and I’m not sure Jordan Staal can carry the Pens

Western Conference
1 Vancouver
8 Chicago
Vancouver in 5, Vancouver won the President’s trophy for a reason

2 San Jose
7 Los Angeles
San Jose in 6, Antti Niemi started out slow but has been unsolvable and Los Angeles has been leaning on shootouts which don’t exist in the playoffs

3 Detroit
6 Phoenix
Detroit in 7, in a rematch of last year’s playoff series Detroit’s goaltending is in question, if it wasn’t I’d pick Detroit in a shorter series

4 Anaheim
5 Nashville
Nashville in 6, in the four games played Nashville handled the Ducks in three of the games, while Anaheim’s only win came with two seconds left on the clock

Poll about our dynasty


I’m trying to prove to myself that people actually read this site so please add your opinion to our poll.

Should Two Idiots and a Blog add another dynasty to its lineup

Ceasar’s Forum “Big Trade”

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Bandito’s Posse

First Big Trade

Today it was announced that the Nashville Predators had acquired forward prospect Patrice Cormier and goaltender Ondrej Pavelec from our Las Vegas Bandits. In exchange for these players we will receive vetran(COUGH..OLD) defenseman Francis Boulion and goaltender Pekka Rinne.

My Take

I am not sure if this trade helped the Bandits any. What did we gain? Sure Pavy wasn’t always the most clutch goalie, but can Rinne be any better? Francis Boulion won’t make the top 6 d-men, and Patrice Cormier is one of our better prospects(not that we could get any younger). We are just going to have to see if Rinne was worth Pavy.

Ceasar’s Forum “Bandits Update”

Here is the schedule of played games.


@ TB L 4-1

@ LA W 7-4

@ ANA L 1-0

@ SJ L 5-2

V BUF L 3-2

V TB W 3-2

@ WSH W 5-2

@ NYR L 4-3

V    L 6-3

@ STL W 4-0

Roster Moves

Called Up: W Akim Aliu, C Riley Holzapfel

Sent Down: C Tim Stapleton, C Anthony Stowart, W Spencer Macacek

@ FLA L 5-3

V CLB L 4-2

We are 4-8-1 in 13 games played giving us 9pts

Ceasar’s Forum “Bandits First Road Trip”

Bandits Only Gain 2pts in the First Road Trip of the Season

In the first game of the early road trip the Bolts dominated Vegas in a 4-1 rout that saw the Bandits commit six minors in the game. Steven Stamkos put up two goals and Simon Gagne had three points in an average showing by goalie Chris Mason who only made 25 saves on the 29 shots against this heavily offensive team. In the start of the California tour el Banditos picked up their only two points of the trip in a 7-4 explosion against the Kings. A hard fought game in Anaheim stifled the Vegas offense as they were not able to put a single point on the board in a 1-0 loss. San Jose found weakness in Ondrej Pavelich in a 5-2 demolition of the Bandits. The Bandits stand at 1-3-1 on the season with 3pts in the 5 games played and 18 goals against.

Ceasar’s Forum: Sting on seven game winning streak, no thanks to Stevens!


The Las Vegas Sting, who last year were the New Orleans Hornets, have won seven straight in their first ten games. The season started off slow for the Sting as they were adjusting to new coach Brad Stevens’ style, which wasn’t working very well, bringing beatings from Milwakee and Denver. It also led to star point guard Chris Paul getting hurt with an abdominable strain. This made the owners furious, and Brad Stevens packed his bags after winning two of five games. The Sting’s new coach, Payne, started off strong and with helping the team go into a five game winning streak under the new coach’s wing. These wins included Milwakee, Dallas, and a thriller against Miami.

And with Chris Paul out, several new stars have taken his place. Point Gaurds Jarret Jack and Ricky Rubio have notably added fuel and motivation to the Sting, not to mention six out of the fifteen players averaged ten or more points in the last two games. And with the addition of Chris Douglas-Roberts, the Sting have produced a better defense to go with their stellar offense.

This can only be the beginning for the Sting. Let’s hope that this is going to be a positive one.